The latest installment of the Religious Education Newsletter is below.  A new newsletter comes out each month!
May 2018
Dear Family and Friends,
We just want to take a moment to thank you for you support and prayers throughout the this RE year.  It has been another fun one full of learning, growing, and friendships.  It is always a pleasure to watch the students grow and flourish while learning about the Catholic Faith.
If you have not re-registered for the 2018-2019 school year, please do so with the green form sent home earlier in April or find a registration form online at:  Also, if you would have an incoming first grader, we would love them to register in advance as well.  This really does help us in planning and purchasing supplies over the summer.  
We hope everyone has a wonderful summer!  Remember to attend Mass each Sunday!  Stay close to God and live out your Faith!  Know that you will be in our prayers and we can't wait to see some of you at VBS and the rest of you at Church and then back for classes in September!
~Amy and Lisa
May Calendar
May 7:  First Communion Celebration and Picture
             May Crowning as Opening Prayer
             Last Class Day
May 14:  Closing Mass at 6:30pm in Church
               Icecream Reception to follow Mass
Upcoming Dates
June 11-14:  VBS 9-12pm for students PreK through grade 3
September 10:  First Class of 2018-2019 RE Year
2018-2019 RE Calendar
Attached to this newsletter is the calendar again for the upcoming year.  (Just want to be sure you all have it!)  It is also on the website!  Make note of the class dates and sacrament dates, if that pertains to you next year!
Closing Mass and Reception
All students and families are invited to our closing Mass on May 14 at 6:30pm in the Church.  We will say good-bye and good luck to our graduates and thank our teachers and helpers for the year.  Following Mass in the cafeteria, we will have an ice-cream reception.  All are welcome to help us celebrate another wonderful year!
First Communion Weekend
This weekend we wish Hoy's Halos a happy first Communion weekend!  These students have been working hard to prepare for this special day!   On Monday, May 7 we will have our annual May Crowning ceremony as our opening prayer.  All are welcome!  Our First Communicants should dress in their First Communion clothes and will have their formal picture taken in Church.  Picture order forms will be sent home tonight in class.  Please bring those back with you if you wish to order.  They will have a small, clean treat in class and will bring home their certificate.  We congratulate them!