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March 2018
Dear Friends and Families,
How is your Lent going so far?  We have the month of March left to draw closer to God through our Lenten promise.  Hopefully if we haven't been as faithful to it, we can get a renewed energy and if we are doing great so far, we keep that stamina going!  This past week, our students in grades 2-8 had the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Such a wonderful way to draw closer to God through His forgiveness.  That peace and tranquility that comes over us when we have been forgiven is priceless!  Hopefully you saw a little "glow" to your child as they left class that evening!  We have a parish penance service coming up as well on March 14 and the diocesan campaign "The Light is on for You", this Wednesday, February 28 from 6-8pm in ALL diocesan Churches.  A time to cleanse your soul during this Lenten season!
I also encourage you to come out on March 1 or March 8 to listen to Fr. Tom's famous Pope on a Rope talk!  He is known for it and it is well worth your time.  He goes through the history of the Church pope by pope!  He has done this talk at numerous teacher inservice days and it is always a hit and now you can experience it for yourself!  Not to mention, it is a great Lenten activity to enrich your Faith.
We will be having our Religious Education Stations of the Cross service on Monday, March 12 at 7:15pm in Church.  All families are welcome to attend and enjoy the walk of Jesus' suffering, death, and resurrection.  Just meet us over in Church!
So many wonderful activities going on to make Lent come alive for us!  I hope you take advantage of them!
Amy and Lisa
March 2018 Calendar
March 1--7pm Pope on a Rope Talk with Fr. Tom
March 5--Regular Class Night
               Grades 3 and 4 have Pretzel Prayer at 7:30pm
March 8--7pm Pope on a Rope Talk with Fr. Tom
March 9--Parish Fish Fry 4:30-7pm
March 12--Regular Class Night with Stations of the Cross at 7:15pm in Church
March 19--Regular Class Night
                 Grades 5 and 6 have Pretzel Prayer at 7:30pm
March 25--Palm Sunday
March 26--Regular Class Night
                 Grades 7 and 8 have Pretzel Prayer at 7:30pm
March 30--Good Friday
April 1--Easter!
April 2--No class, Spring Break!
April 9--Regular Class Night
Pretzel Prayer
You might be asking yourself, what is this "Pretzel Prayer" all about!  In order to spend some time with each class and bring the season of Lent to them, in a different way, the classes are coming down for closing prayer two at time to have prayer with a pretzel.  The pretzel is a great symbol of Lent and this prayer tells the students why.  You can locate the prayer and story at:  Hopefully if you have a child in grade 1 or 2, they came home to tell you about it and share their pretzel treat--eating the pretzel in the right way!  The other classes will participate in this prayer during the Mondays in March.
Bread and Banner Making Nights for First Communicants
Just a reminder to save the date for the upcoming bread and banner making nights in preparation for First Holy Communion.  All First Communicants should plan to attend April 24 OR April 25 6pm-7:15pm in the school cafeteria.  Practice is scheduled for May 2 at 7pm!
Saint Projects
I need to do a shout out to our 7th grade students and the awesome saint projects they have been working on!  They presented their projects to the class and the end products were fabulous!  The excitement they had learning about their saint was contagious to all of us...way to go!  We can't wait until their big Confirmation day on December 8!
When Absent....
Please remember when your child misses a RE class to check the email, we send out the night a child is absent, for the missed class work.  We are on a tight pacing chart to get all the diocesan curriculum taught in a RE year, so it is important that the students complete the missed work on their own during that week with the activities found in the text before the next Monday class.  It shouldn't take too long to read and discuss the chapter content and do the textbook activities, but it really does help the teachers out a lot in keeping the absent students on track with the rest of the class.  Thanks for your help!