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January 2018
Dear Families and Friends,
Can you believe we made it to 2018!  It has been such a busy half of the new Religious Education year, it is hard to believe we are half way done!  This first half included Confirmation including a retreat, Reconciliation (service and those receiving it for the first time), safe environment talks, Advent collection, many prayer services with our students doing the readings, and topping it off with a fun Christmas celebration!  Whew...we were busy!  Looking forward to what 2018, we will be teaching Theology of the Body to our 8th graders, Confirmation preparation to our 7th graders, First Eucharist and all that goes along with it, and oh yeah, Lent and Easter are in there too!  So busy, yet so exciting!
With January upon us, it is also the time for poor weather!  Just a reminder that we will call our own class cancellations if weather looks poor on a Monday night.  We will call the television stations and send out an email.  As always, if you feel it is too dangerous to drive in for class, it is also your choice to keep your child at home.  We will always send home the absent email with the lesson that was covered.  We just ask that you work through that lesson/chapter at home and complete the activities and end of chapter review.  The teachers will check through it upon your child's return.
We hope you enjoyed the break and truly celebrated Christmas!  We look forward to continuing to teach the children in the faith in the upcoming year as well!  May we will have a wonderful 2018!

Amy and Lisa
January 2018 Calendar and Looking Ahead
January 8:  Class Night
                    Theology of the Body 8th grade Parent Meeting 6:45pm in the Parish Hall
January 15:  Class Night
January 22:  Class Night
January 29:  Class Night
February 5:  Class Night
                    Option 1 for 1st Eucharist Parent Meeting at 6:45pm
February 7:  Option 2 for 1st Eucharist Parent Meeting at 3:30pm
                     **MANDATORY attendance at 1 of the meetings is required.
First Eucharist Parent Meeting
With all the new changes coming this year for the First Eucharist students, the parent meeting is mandatory attendance for parents.  Going to one Mass with some extra components added to it, it is necessary to share these changes with you in order for you to help guide your child through the preparation.  Please plan to attend one of the two meeting times being offered.
OPTION 1:  Monday, February 5 at 6:45pm
OPTION 2:  Wednesday, February 7 at 3:30pm
**We are still determining the location of the meetings and will relay that information to you.
Theology of the Body Parent Meeting
Fr. Tom Shoemaker will be hosting the Theology of the Body parent meeting on Monday, January 8 in the Parish Hall starting at 6:45pm.  All 8th grade parents should plan to attend to learn about this program.  Parent guides will be passed out at that time as well.  This is during our class time, so you can attend the meeting while your child is in class.  We will conclude before the class session ends.
Perfect Attendance Awardees 
Congratulations to the following students on earning perfect attendance for the first half of the year!  Way to go!  2nd Graders:  Mya Fett, Olivia Gant, Daniel Jacob, Natalie Miller, and Haley Woodson.  3rd Graders:  Eliza Dance, Miranda Eifrid, Zackary Schaller, Riley Slocum Seth Townsend, and Scarlett Woollacott.  4th Grader:  Jasmine Wilson.  5th Graders:  Amelia Dance and Logan Claus.  6th Graders:  Diego Hernandez, Timmy Coronato, and Sean Wilson.  7th Grader:  Erica Jacob.  We are so proud of you all!  Who will get it for the second half of the year or perfect attendance the whole year?!
Progress Reports
All students should have come home with a progress report from class on December 18.  This is to keep you up to date on what is being taught and what you can do to reinforce the concepts at home.  They are all working on their prayers and trying hard to have them memorized.  If your child was absent on our last class day, they will bring home the progress report on January 8.
Sharing our Christmas Celebration with You
The excitement is evident on these 1st graders faces--I think Mrs. O'Rourke is excited too, even though a fist is blocking her view!
Inline image 6
The 2nd grade class is working hard to transform Mr. Hoy!
Inline image 4
Mrs. Wilson has the best "tree topper" of the bunch--her class won for the odd grades!  They decorated her well!
Inline image 5
The 4th Grade class made their teacher, Mrs. Matthews, into a Christmas Tree.
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The 5th grade class is working hard to make Cece into a tree--orange balloon topper and all!
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The 6th grade turned Mrs. O'Neil into a tree too--nice hat topper!  6th Grade won the decorating for the even grades contest!
Inline image 2
Our 7th Grade teacher, Mr. Heimann, sure does look comfy all decked out as a tree....not! :)  The yellow bows on the feet were a nice touch along with the snowflake to the forehead and two pink balloons that look like rabbit ears!
Inline image 3
Mrs. Steidle was a good sport as the 8th graders decorated her into a tree!
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