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September 2017
Dear Family and Friends,
Welcome back to a new Religious Education year!  Lisa Schleinkofer and I are so excited to kick-off a another fabulous year of learning, growing, and having some fun as we learn about our great Catholic Faith!  We have been preparing all summer for our first class day....from buying boxes of crayons, to counting out pencils, and labeling books and folders---we are ready!  We look forward to working alongside you this year to help your child(ren) grow in Christ this year.  In fact, that happens to be the theme of our wall display this year--"Growing in Christ".  We have 32 classes scheduled this year to help bring your child closer to God so they can do the tall task that Pope Francis challenges us to do in the quote above, "...announce Jesus with our life, with our witness, and with our words".  It is a tall task and we have dedicated catechists and assistants who are up to the challenge each week!  So, now I would like to introduce our stellar staff!
O'Rourke's Angels (Gr. 1)--Mrs. Kori O'Rourke assisted by Mrs. Darlene Simpson
Hoy's Shining Halos (Gr. 2)--Mr. Jared Hoy assisted by Miss Alexis Jackson
Wilson's Praying Crew (Gr. 3)--Mrs. Eileen Wilson assisted by Mrs. Judy Diagostino
Matthews' Saints (Gr. 4)--Mrs. Ashley Matthews assisted by Miss Emily Jackson
Johns' Joyful Followers (Gr. 5)--Mrs. Kathy Johns assisted by Mrs. Cece Dunderman
O'Neil's Apostles (Gr. 6)--Mrs. Kathy O'Neil assisted by Mrs. Barb Tippmann
Heimann's Confirmandi (Gr. 7)--Mr. Keith Heimann assisted by Mr. Gene Curran
Digan's Disciples (Gr. 8)--Mrs. Margaret Digan assisted by Mrs. Jean Steidle
Each teacher has written an introductory note that will be sent home our first class night.  Attached to the letter is our calendar for the year.  Please keep it in a safe spot.  If you ever need anything, please be sure to visit our parish website ( and click on the tab "Children's Religious Education".  You can find the calendar, forms, and as always a copy of the latest newsletter.  When doubt, feel free to email us!
Amy Johns
September Calendar
September 11--First Class Night
September 18--Regular Class Night
                         8th Confirmation Candidates will get letter outline
September 25--Regular Class Night
                         Confirmation Letters Due
October 2--Regular Class Night
Sacrament Year Students (Grades 2, 7, and 8)
In addition to the catechist introduction letter and calendar, students that are in a sacrament year will be bringing home a timeline of meetings and events related to his/her specific sacrament.  Please take a close look at the timeline and mark the important events in your calendar.  
Textbooks and Folders
Each student will get his/her textbook on our first night and students in grades 1-6 will also have a 2 pocket folder.  Both items should travel back and forth each class night with the students.  We want the textbooks going home, as we want you, as the parent, to be able to review and look at the parent page in the book.  All classes will go through procedures and the introductory lesson to the book.  Actual chapters to be taught will be covered in week 2.  If you have an extra bag or backpack at home, it has been beneficial in the past for a quick "grab the bag and go" on Monday night.
Religious Education Handbook
All new students to the program and grade 1 students will bring home our Religious Education Handbook.  It is filled with procedures and protocol for the program.  If you would like a copy, but were not included in the aforementioned groups, please let us know and we will send a copy home with your child!
2017-2018 Payments
If you have not paid for the year, you can send payment in any time with your child or drop it off in the office any class night.  We will send out bills in October, so the more we can have squared away in September, the few bills that need to be made.  The cost is the same as years past.  
1 child=$70.00
2 children=$130.00
3 or more children=$190.00
Giving Envelopes
Each child will be coming home with a new box of giving envelopes for this year.  We will begin our collections next week, Monday, September 18.  Each year we collect money to donate to worthy causes.  If you cannot donate, please encourage your child to turn in an envelope each week with a good deed they did, money is great, but those good deeds we do for others are great too! 
World Apostolate of Fatima

As many of you are aware, this is the 100th Anniversary of Fatima.  There have been many activities throughout the diocese to celebrate this awesome miracle of Mary appearing before the three children.  On October 7 at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, there is a 7:30am Reconciliation Holy Hour celebrated by a 9:00am Mass.  A Marian procession will be held with a breakfast and keynote to follow at the Grand Wayne Center.  All are welcome!  October 13 marks the Worldwide Children's Eucharistic Hour.  This would be a great way to bring prayer and this awesome event into your home on a Friday.  A booklet is available at